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change yourself to change the world

A clear mind gives rise to clarity of movement and decision.


Alexander Technique works to improve the connection of our minds with our physical bodies, and thus improve our performance and enjoyment of any number of different activities in different settings.


We can learn to stop.  To think.  To create balance.  In a world which seems increasingly out of control, what could be more important?

Home: Welcome
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What is THE Alexander Technique?

An opportunity for fundamental change

Well known among the world's elite performing artists, the Alexander Technique helps professional actors, dancers, and musicians reach peak performance.  However, the Alexander Technique addresses habits and patterns of tension underlying all our daily activities. As such, its application is broad and can help relieve symptoms such as chronic back and neck pain, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as anxiety and stress.


Numerous studies have found that a course of Alexander Technique Lessons was more effective than traditional medical treatment or massage at relieving back and neck pain, and that the positive effect lasted long after the lessons ended.  Of course, pain relief is only the first step.  As a technique which fundamentally helps to change harmful mental and physical habits, how far you want to go with it is up to you…

For a more detailed explanation, please visit our about page.

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