Alexander Technique during Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be one of the most physically challenging times for a woman’s body.  Every bodily system faces additional stress and even the smallest habits which caused only mild discomfort otherwise can become a source for pain and distress.

Untreated, these unhelpful habits of posture and movement contribute to the traditional complaints of pregnancy: backache, sciatica, “bump cramps”, leg and foot cramps, difficulty breathing, trouble with digestion and circulation, and many more.  Alexander Technique can help relieve the symptoms of these problems, and more importantly, help address the root cause of the issues.

In addition, as a gentle, non-invasive treatment method, Alexander Technique can help without risk to you or your unborn child.

Pregnancy, and in particular birth, require a trust in the body’s competence to work, to grow, and to heal which is often lost in our hectic modern lives.  Trust in these processes, and remediation of the unhelpful physical habits which stand in our way do not come overnight, but a course of lessons in Alexander Technique can help.

We offer special lessons for pregnant women at our home studio as well as in cooperative work with midwives and gynaecological practices in the Munich area.